Recommended Reading

There’s a lot of good stuff out there in terms of American soccer websites and blogs.  If you’re looking for some quality reading, these are some of my favorites:

AmericanFutbol – my much less funny, almost never updated American soccer blog.  Not actually recommended reading since I don’t maintain it anymore.

Over There – great coverage of American players plying their trade abroad.  Frequently updated with highlights, breaking news, and other goodies.

Yanks Abroad – in-depth articles on and interviews with Americans playing abroad.

The Shin Guardian – soccer blog featuring lots of American soccer coverage, as well as coverage of other soccer news.  Great community and discussions in the comments.

Soccer By Ives – If you are reading KnowThyEnemies and don’t know about Soccer By Ives, you either know me (hi, Mom!) or it’s the Apocalypse.  Either way, Soccer By Ives features Ives Garclep of FOX Soccer covering all things soccer, American and otherwise.

The American Outlaws – US soccer supporters group, of which I am a proud member.  Membership benefits include things like American flag bandanas and $5 off tickets in supporters sections at USA games.  Oh, and a FREAKING CHARTERED JET TO BRAZIL FOR THE 2014 WORLD CUP!!!!  Pretty awesome organization; check them out.


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