KnowThyEnemies is dedicated to informing American soccer fans about the opponents of our beloved national team.  Why is it important to know about our opponents, you ask?  No questions.  OK, fine, just this one question.  Answer: read the MANIFESTO!  Not going to read it?  Jeez.  OK, to summarize, it all comes from a Rage Against the Machine song.  Then this Chinese guy from the distant past used his psychic powers to steal the name of the song and wrote a book about the concept.  The book?  The Art of War.  The concept?  KNOW THY ENEMY!

I haven’t actually read the book.  But I think the basic gist of it is that if you know your enemy, you have a better chance of beating them.  So I took that concept and did my best to apply it to American soccer.  And call me crazy, but I think it just might work!

Seriously, all the info you need is in the MANIFESTO.  If you’re still reading this, check it out.  If you still refuse, know that this site provides a pre-match report on each opponent of the US men’s national team.  The report will be mostly made up, highly opinionated, and, hopefully, a little bit funny.

Enjoy the site and GO USA!


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