Public Enemy: Alexander Larin

Posted: March 27, 2012 in Public Enemy
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Opposing players sometimes do something so despicable while playing against the USA, they earn the title of “Public Enemy”.  Read on to find out what this particular individual has done to earn this title.


When high kicks don't succeed, El Salvador's Alexander Larin just resorts to punches and biting instead.

On March 27, 2012, El Slavador scored a 95th minute equalizer to knock the USA out of Olympic Qualifying contention in the last game of the group stage.  While the main story was the USA’s failure to qualify, fans who watched the game will also remember this moment, when Terrence Boyd collapsed away from the ball (and away from the referee), his face bleeding profusely.  Replays would show that Salvadoran Alexander Larin blindsided Boyd, punching him as he backtracked.

After the game, USA midfielders Mikkel Diskerud and Freddy Adu showed reporters bite marks they had sustained during the match.  While they didn’t say who bit them, five days earlier, Canada’s Carl Haworth was issued a yellow card for shoving Larin, and later told reporters that was a response to Larin biting him.

I’m all for physical play and intense competition – but throwing sucker punches and doing a “Walking Dead” impression is enough to earn Larin the title of USA Public Enemy.  I’m not sure if we’ll see him play against the USA again, but if we do, let’s make sure he knows that we remember how he played during this tournament.

Until next time, suck it, Larin, and go USA!

  1. elk_GER says:

    Nice, that Concacaf is ignoring that some players going through by punching and biting. Seems that Boyd, Mix and Adu aren’t the only victims: .
    Seems to be normal for Concacaf competitions that punching & biting is a acceptable and not followed method. Hopefully these biting guys won’t get a medal for this kind of dedication.

  2. Alex says:

    Never saw those bite marks. The press should have realeased them via picture or video. Excuses for a Cocacaf favorite from an under dog. The high kicks I don’t agree with. Anyways Honduras was the better team. If not look at the Olympic videos on YouTube. So stop being sore losers. The game was full with emotions and full of adrenaline. Can u ask for more from such a spectacle? Have u ever been as excited to see ur team play so good that u even feel Barcelona itself can go suck on a big one? Take the good and remember there’s always next time!

    • I never saw the bite marks in a photo, but I saw Larin punch Terrence Boyd (not just high-kick) in the face. I’m not a sore loser. OK, wait, yes, I am. But regardless, I still think Larin is a douche.

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