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Posted: February 17, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Welcome to KnowThyEnemies!

Somewhere around 500 B.C., a Chinese general named Sun Tzu wrote what would become one of the most famous books on military strategy ever written.  That book was called, “The Art of War”.  Sun Tzu must have been able to see the future, because he stole the title of one of my favorite Rage Against the Machine songs, replaced “Your” with “Thy” to make it seem like he didn’t steal it, and then made it the catch-phrase of his book.  The catch-phrase is, “Know Thy Enemy”.

America, my friends, is at war.  That war is being waged at home, and abroad.  That war sees the very best Americans throw themselves into battle in hostile conditions.  And to win this war, we must be informed.  We must follow the wise words of Rage Against the Machine, that Sun Tzu stole, and know our enemies.  That is the purpose of this blog.  That is why I am here.

Yes, my friends, American soccer is at war with the world!  For too long we’ve been ridiculed!  For too long we’ve been…wait, what do you mean there’s a real war?  Right now?  That America’s fighting?  Like, not a soccer war?  Man, that’s awful.  People die in real wars.

So the metaphor backfired.  But you get my point.  It is time for American soccer fans to take the next step!  To become more informed!  No longer will we watch the US go up against countries whose names we don’t recognize – names like “Kyrgyzstan”, “Lichtenstein”,  and “Canada” – with no idea what continent those countries are on!  No, my friends!  American fans will be better than that!  They will rise up!  They will work as one!  They will KNOW THY ENEMIES!

How will they do that, you ask?  With a little help from your friends here at KnowThyEnemies!  Check back here approximately one week before each US Men’s National Team match for a full report on the upcoming opponent.  By “full report”, I of course mean information I found on Wikipedia, along with heavy doses of my own completely biased, fully un-informed opinion.  And possibly a lot of stuff I just made up, too.

I’ll put up a post soon outlining the basic sections each future post will have.  In the meantime, fight the good fight, check out the plethora of excellent American soccer websites I’ll soon put up links to, and GO USA!


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